Game Announcement: MineWars!

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Innovative take on the classic Minesweeper, reimagined as a multiplayer real-time-strategy!

Capture mines from the map and move them around your territory to defend it! Use your mines offensively by causing explosions to take out enemy mines! Create big explosion chains!

Fight for control over cities and territory, and eliminate other players by capturing their cities while defending yours!

Your cities can produce additional mines for you, using resource points from the territory you have captured!

Connect your cities by building roads, to multiply their resources and boost their production.

The game is on a hexagonal procedurally-generated island-like map. Every match you play is guaranteed to be unique!

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There will be posts about the development of the game for a general audience, as well as technical posts intended for fellow game developers.

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Current Status: Public Alpha Coming Soon!

The project is getting ready for a new round of play testing! The game is currently being reworked based on the lessons learned from previous (private) demo prototypes, so stay tuned!

When the new version is ready, we will do another quick round of private play testing, followed by a public round where you will be able to play the game and give feedback!

Artstyle Overhaul

The current visuals of the game are temporary, for the development process. I am planning to work with an artist to overhaul the game with nicer-looking graphics.

At the very least, we will create a visual theme that looks good in 2D. If resources permit, we might overhaul the game with 3D graphics.


The game is made with the Bevy open-source game engine and written in the Rust programming language.